Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Android could be hacked more easily than you think

Yes, this scared me out too. So apprantly your android device can be hacked very easily. Here is a link to the video that shows you how, though its about 1 hour long. If you would rather want to know the gist of it than watching it the whole way through, read on!

And for those who want to watch the video:

User scenario A: You have rooted your phone and adb access (USB debugging) is active - this case it makes it very easy for the hacker to gain access. To begin with there is a tool that is installed on the hacker's phone, lets call it phone A. Now you leave your phone (Phone B) alone in a party or a public place, the hacker gets his chance and connects his phone to yours using a USB OTG cable which he/she obviously carries. Runs a script on phone A which takes advantage of an android api that allows the script to run an application over the lock screen!

Once the application is runnig, you can open the main menu and do what not! The basic idea is to go to the home screen and then, if needed, root the phone, steal the authentication token and even log in to your google account! Needless to say that it can also steal your pictures and all apps' dbs.

User scenario B: No root, only USB debugging active - well in this case, its a bit tough to access the /data/data partition and hence the phone A reads the MTP protocol and can still steal all the media that your android phone allows via MTP. The lock screen is bypassed by using the api vulnerability as I explained in the previous point.

So what can you do to make sure it doesn't happen. To begin with, the hacker needs access to your phone. You can make sure that you don't leave your phone alone.

Another point to consider, do not connect your phone to random USB ports to get some charge! You never know what's behind that USB port. All this can easily be done on a laptop as well, so always good to be careful. Carry a battery pack or the charger with you at most times. In the video its also shown how he can enclose a small hacking USB machine in a small box that looks like a battery charger, funny thing is, it will start charging so you won't even notice that it is not a real charger! So stay away from wary looking chargers.

Last and the most effective, deactivate USB debugging at all times! If you need it, activate it when you need. Also if you root, make sure to lock the boot loader. So there it is!

PS: The scenario B holds for the iPhone users as well. The iPhone's MTP can be used to transfer and steal the data!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New technology acquisitions

After a long long time I’m getting some time to be bored and so I decided to update this blog with all the latest acquisitions I’ve made. To begin with, I bought a new phone for myself and to start venturing into the touch phone world. I got myself a nokia 5800. It’s a real good phone if you’re a nokia lover. Of course if you start comparing it with iphone and stuff then this is not the phone you’re looking for. Here is a picture taken from

For detailed specs, click on the following link
Nokia 5800 Specifications

This phone was unlocked by the vendor and was previously on t-mobile. For some weird reasons, t-mobile people do not quickly accept the latest firmware from nokia (which has some substantial updates). So I changed the product code and got myself the latest firmware (which has kinetic scrolling for all menus and other stuff, non-geeks read iphone type menus and interface). So far with wifi it works very well. Battery backup is good too. Of course you can’t compare it to capacitive touch but still it’s not bad at all!

Next one in the list is my new speakers. Its logitch X-230. I’m really happy with the performance and the bass which these speakers offer. One of the best sounding speakers I’ve seen in a while. I can’t really explain how happy I am with the bass of these speakers. Half way turning the knob fills my room with amazing bass. High frequencies are good too. Overall really amazing speakers. Here’s a photo:

Click on the following link for the spec:
Logitech X-230

I recently got a chance to DJ at Revolution. I got myself a soundcard for connecting my laptop to the external mixer. The soundcard was 16 bit though but did the job anyways. Apart from all the purchases, I found some tech-peace while repairing my Logitech wireless mouse as well. Here’s one photo from while I was repairing it :)

Next in line is to repair my old laptop battery pack and replace the cells with new ones (preferably with high capacity). Let’s see how that goes!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wireless Electricity

Here's something I read today and had thought of it earlier also. This is a fascinating thought. I really hope that people would succeed in whatever they are doing. Read on...

If phones, mice and keyboards could get wireless, why not everything else? In fact, about a hundred years ago, that untamed genius, Nikola Tesla had already begun to build a tower at Wardenclyffe, N.Y. to demonstrate the transmission of electricity without the use of wires.
On a humbler scale, researchers at MIT are in the process of repeating the experiment with their own ideas and less ostentatious techniques.

Marin Soljacic, Assistant Professor of Physics at the MIT, has spent a considerable number of years trying to figure out how to transmit power without cables. Radio waves lose too much energy during their passage through the air and lasers are constrained by the necessity of line-of-sight. Soljacic decided to use Resonant Coupling, in which two objects vibrating at the same frequency can exchange energy without harming things around them. He used magnetic resonance and along with his colleagues Jon Hoannopoulos and Peter Fisher, succeeded in lighting up a 60 watt bulb two metres away. What they did was this: two resonant copper coils were tied to dangle from the ceiling, two meters away from each other. Both were tuned to the same frequency and one had a light bulb attached to it. When current was made to pass through one coil, it created a magnetic field and the other resonated, generating an electric current. And then there was light. The experiment succeeded in spite of a thin screen being placed between the two copper coils.

And If This Comes Through...
One of the most obvious results is that we won’t have dozens of cables to trip over in our offices and rooms. Primarily, the aim of this research team is to achieve a cable-free environment wherein your laptops PDAs and mobile phones could charge themselves (with all the electricity floating around) and even, maybe, get rid of the batteries that are so much an essential part of our portable devices today. Magnetic fields interact very weakly with biological organisms and this little fact makes it infinitely safer for us. While this experiment happened about a year ago, the team is still hard at work trying to use other materials so as to increase the efficiency of the transfer of power from 50 per cent to 80 per cent. Once that happens, both, the industry as well as individuals will grab hold of it and never let go.

Content taken from (read more):,Compression,CPU,Wireless,storage%20device

Monday, July 14, 2008

Creative Writing

Here's one of my writings which we all do in our office under Creative Writing. This time we were given a picture, taken by one of us (Sanket) and we had to write something inspirational, story or some description. So here's the photo and what I have written :)

I have miles and miles to go. The destination seems too far away, but I'm not going to give it up. I have to reach where I have aimed. These are a few thoughts that come in my mind when I see this...

I had set high standards and big goals for myself. I was enthusiastic. Sometimes I feel as if that spark is going off. But this reminds me of what I decided. Running fast like the wheels of the train on the rails, with an amazing speed, reaching for the destination.

I guess I'm not alone with these thoughts in my mind. People do not realize when they start losing the inspiration to go on. This is one thing that gets, at least me, started again. The far looking destination looks so enticing that I want to get there, I want to experience it. I've worked hard for it. I have to reach there, I'm not going to give up.

I will tell the world when I will reach there. How hard I have worked to reach there. The way might look straight, but it is not. No one would know how hard it is to run on this path. This is an immense source of inspiration.

I still have miles and miles to go....

Monday, October 29, 2007

A very common query!

Hey guys, here's a very common question I came across again today! Since I had written a reply, I decided to write it here too :) So here it goes..

QUESTION: What happens when you delete a file from your computer?

Every file on your computer has an address, which is not comprehendable by us. Windows keeps an "index" of all the files on the hard drive with their address. Its eaiser for it to access any file this way, specially when HD capacities are going to insane levels. So when we delete a file, the address of that file is deleted from that index, or any reference to that file is deleted, making the file unaccessible. The file is actually present there. Now when the OS needs more space for itself to work, it starts using space and when it comes to such address which is not accessible, it simply uses that place to keep some other file, erasing the previous file. When you quik format, simply the "index" is deleted. When you full format, the head of the HD goes to every address and removes the file completely.
Data recovery softwares don't recover the files by the "index". They go to each and every sector of the HD and see if the file is not overwritten, and recover it.

I hope it helped in some way! ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007

My new Digital Camera!! :D Its an Olympus SP500 UZ!

Hi Everyone!

Its time for another post, at a quick succession :) I got my new Digital camera!! Its an Olympus SP500 UZ. Well I got it 2 weeks ago, but just didn't get time to write anything here..... anyways, first take a look at the camera...

Its is a 6MP camera with 10x zoom and a super macro of 3cm with full manual controls...
If you are interested to know some more about it, visit this link:
Olympus SP500 UZ

Well, taking this one was my last minute decision and I must say that I was not very sure until I actually got it! I mean it is very unlike me to purchase something like this without doing proper research on it! I was all decided for Canon A710 IS. I had done a lot of research on it and it was in my budget too. Apart from this, I required a camera which I can take anywhere with me. So I decided for the canon one. But at the last moment, I asked the shopkeeper if he has something else in the same price range.. he showed me this cam! I can't believe I got so much in this priec range! I liked it the moment he showed it to me. Then I tried it out with some clicks in the shop itself. It is a nice cam.. and its an Olympus. They are known for good optics. So I decided ro take it.

Its not as portable as the canon one, but still, not too bulky to take it with me. I purchased a pouch for it from Case Logic which is pretty neat and not at all bulky! So I love my cam!! :D

I've been experimenting with the cam for 2 weeks now. You can have a glimpse of the pics I took in the "My Flickr Pictures" display in the side bar, click it to see all the pics in enlarged size. OR you can click the following link for the same:

My pictures on Flickr

So now I'm getting to know more about photography and cameras :) So you can expect even better pics now... :D


Hi Everyone!

You all might be wondering why am I posting Happy Diwali on 4th of April!! hehe My blog went under a change of address and a whole new theme. So I decided not to waste the old posts. So now you are gonna see some new entries!! :)